Our Technology !!

The existing operational Modified atmosphere storage with provision for CIPC treatment  is in itself a milestone in the technology infusion in the cold chain arena in India. The current project envisages to retain the best practices used in the existing project and to supplement the same with addition advanced technology.
Details of technology likely to be used are mentioned below:

Modified Atmosphere Chambers: For MA Chambers, the machinery will consist of compressors, condensers, cooling units, induction motor etc which are part of the refrigeration system. In addition to it, PUF panels will be used for insulating the cold storage chambers. There will be a centralized control panel to maintain different temperature, humidity and Carbon di-oxide level as per the requirement of the product to be stored in the chamber. Provision will also be made for CIPC treatment in case of storage of potatoes .

Automated Control Systems: The controlled atmosphere chambers will have the refrigeration facility along with the facility maintenance of Humidity, Carbon dioxide and Nitrogen. The facility will also have a provision for induction of ethylene gas, if required to be used as a ripening chamber. The state of art control systems will allow multi location viewing and control of the storage parameters.
The sensors in the storage are seamlessly connected to a computer, and based on the specified parameters, the computer will automatically control:

  • 1. The refrigeration unit
  • 2. The humidity control unit
  • 3. The Carbon di-oxide, oxygen and Nitrogen levels

The parameters of the system can be controlled from any place in the world, using state of art connectivity (internet cloud access based). The technology used for bulk storage of potatoes with specialized sorting cum cleaning machine, telescopic conveyors, space-finder etc, handling equipment and the humidification system, CIPC system, and the centralized control system is being done for the first time in India.