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The Company has been running two Multi Chambered Multi product Modified Atmosphere conditions and CIPC & Hydrogen Per-oxide treatment facility at the Village Islampur, Howrah-Amta Road, P.S. – Jagatballavpur, Dist. – Howrah, West Bengal.

The capacity of the facility is each 3 X 10000 MT. The facility is equipped with state of art technology for sorting, grading and storage of potato/ onion/ garlic/ apple and other vegetables & fruits. The entire infrastructure has been built on pre-engineered modular structure, with imported and completely automated conveyor belts & other product handling equipments and storage bins, with technical support from M/s. Omnivent, Netherlands.

Once the potato reaches the cold storage, the entire operation is done virtually without the product being touched by hand, through various imported machines, making it one of the best units of its kind in the world.

The Modified Atmosphere storage has controls and processes to automatically control the levels of gasses like Carbon dioxide, through automatic detection and purging. The store also uses the latest CIPC method of potato sprout inhibitor, thereby reducing the electricity consumption and hence, being more environment friendly.

The facility has fully automated control systems: linked directly with the computer system with electronic instrumentation panels. The unit monitors, and controls the humidity, carbon di-oxide and temperature through the control room, through a computer based system, thereby setting exemplary standards in safety and energy conservation. The system can be monitored from remote locations via internet cloud connectivity and is being currently accessed from multi locations including the site, Clients office, and System administration centre in Dubai, and Omnivent office in Netherlands.

The evaporative compressors are also screw based positive displacement compressors with variable capacity, thereby conserving the energy usages, as the compressors only run at the partial capacity as dictated by the automated system.

The CIPC treatment, for sprout inhibition is also completely automated, making it the first of its kind in the country.

The entire facility is currently used by PEPSICO India, one of the world's largest food and beverage companies on long term lease basis for 8-10 months in a year. The facility is utilized by PepsiCo for the purpose of storing processable potatoes procured from the farmers after grading and sorting.